Optical Wireless Data Center Networks

Optical DCN

Data center networks (DCNs) are essential infrastructures to embrace the era of the highly diversified massive amount of data generated by emerging technological applications. In order to store and process such a data deluge, today’s DCNs have to deploy enormous length of wires to interconnect a plethora of servers and switches. Unfortunately, wired DCNs exposes several drawbacks such as cabling cost and complexity, low space utilization due to the cable bundles, and insufficiency to overcome chronic oversubscription and hotspot problems. Fortunately, wireless DCNs (WDCNs) have emerged as a promising solution to reduce the time, effort, and cost spent for deploying and maintaining the wires, to provide reconfigurability with flexible links, to deliver higher throughputs via efficient utilization of the bandwidth, to mitigate the oversubscription and hotspots, and to eliminate the need for fault-prone power-hungry switches. In this project, we work on advances and challenges in WDCNs including physical and virtual topology design, quality of service (QoS) provisioning, flow classification, and data grooming.



Team Members

  • Abdulkadir Celik

  • Amer Alghadhban

  • Mohammed-Slim Alouini

Selected Publications

  • A. AlGhadhban, A. Celik, B. Shihada, and M-S. Alouini, "LightFD: A Lightweight Flow Detection Mechanism for Traffic Grooming in Optical Wireless DCNs", in Proc. IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom), pp. 1 - 7, 2018.

  • A. Celik, A. AlGhadhban, B. Shihada, and M-S. Alouini, "Design and Provisioning of Optical Wireless Data Center Networks: A Traffic Grooming Approach", in Proc. IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), pp. 1 - 6, 2018. [PDF]

  • A. Celik, A. AlGhadhban, B. Shihada, and M.-S. Alouini, "Design and Provisioning of Traffic Grooming for Optical Wireless Data Center Networks", IEEE Transactions on Communications, Accepted, 2018. [PDF]