Computer Networks

  • Time/Place: Sun/Wed 8:30-10:00, B9-Room 3123
  • Required textbook: Computer Networking: A Top-down approach, J. Kurose and K. Ross, 6th edition, 2013
  • Reference Materials: Andrew S. Tanenbaum, (4th edition) (2002) “Computer Networks”, Prentice Hall and Research papers.
  • Course description: The course aims to train students in conducting major research in relevant aspects of wireless networks. In particular, green wireless technologies,

Information Networks

  • Time/Place: Sunday/Tuesday  10:15-11:45 in B9-3135

  • Required textbook: Mor Harchol-Balter, "Performance Modeling and Design of Computer Systems Queueing Theory in Action", Cambridge University Press, 2013. [Available in Library]

  • Reference books: