Advanced Topics in Computer Networks

  • Time/Place: Thursday 2:30-5:30PM in B9-2121
  • Required textbook: None
  • Reference Materials: Research papers.
  • Course description: The course aims to train students in conducting major research in relevant aspects of software defined networking. In particular, scalability, openFlow, data plane, control plane, technologies,
    standards, and protocols for various communication technologies, edge vs. fabirc, virtualization, dynamic networks , PHY-layer, and MAC-layer.
  • Prerequisites: Solid computer networks background, excellent skills in C/C++, Mininet, Ripcord, Python, Linux programming.
  • Topic: Software Defined Networks in 5G Wireless Networks

 Student must obtain the passing grade (70%) in each task and the final project to pass the course.
The course will include a major research project component that requires performing several paper reviews, presentations, and implementation. 

  • Grading: 
    • Class participation (attendance, paper reviews, and interaction in discussions): 20%
    • Presentations: 20%
    • Homework: 30%
    • Final Project: 30%
    • Exams: None
  • Homework policy: all assignments, including contributions to discussion, submitted by students in the course of this class should be work written by themselves specifically for this class. Students must clearly cite and reference each and every source that was used in their development. Where students use the actual words of a source, they must put those words inside quotation marks.
  • Calendar: 

31/01 Introduction 

31/02 Overview of SDN 

31/02 Assignment 1 Assignment 1 Due 28/02 

07/02 Fundamentals of SDN I

  • M. Casado et al, "Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise", Sigcomm 2007
  • M. Casado et al, "Sane: A protection architecture for enterprise networks", Usenix Security, 2006

07/02 Fundamentals of SDN II

  • N. McKeown et al, "OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks", white paper, 2008. 
  • N. Gude et al, "NOX: Towards an operating system for Networks, CCR

14/02 Control Plane Scalability I

  • N. Katta et al, "Ravana: Controller Fault-Tolerance in Software-Defined Networking", SOSR 2015 .
  • P. Berde et al, "ONOS: Towards an open, distributed SDN OS, HotSDN, 2014. 

14/02 Control Plane Scalability II

  • A. Dixit et al, "ElasticCon: An Elastic Distributed SDN Controller", ANCS, 2014 
  • Y. Fu et al, "Orion: A Hybrid Hierarchical Control Plane of Software-Defined Networking for Large-Scale Networks", ICNP, 2014 

21/02 Data Plane Scalability I

  • A. Curtis et al, "DevoFlow: Scaling Flow Management forHigh-Performance Networks" Sigcomm, 2011 

21/02 Data Plane Scalability II

  • A. Alghadhban and B. Shihada, "Energy Efficient SDN Commodity Switch based Practical Flow Forwarding Method", NOMS, 2016 
  • M. Yu et al, "Scalable flow-based networking with DIFANE", Sigcomm 2010 


28/02 Assignment 1 Results

  • Each group presents 5-8 slides on the assignment results

28/02 Assignment 2 Assignment 2  Due 21/03

    07/03 Network Management I

    • P. Patel et al, "Ananta: Cloud Scale Load Balancing", Sigcomm 2013 
    • V. Sekar et al, "Design and Implementation of a Consolidated Middlebox architecture", NSDI, 2012 

    07/03 Network Management II

    • Y. Zhang, et al "StEERING: A Software-Defined Networking for Inline Service Chaining, ICMP, 2013 
    • C. Dixon, et al "ETTM: A Scalable Fault Tolerant Network Manager", NSDI, 2011

    14/03 Data Center I

    • X. Wu and X. Yang", DARD: Distributed Adaptive Routing for Datacenter Networks", IEEE ICDCS, 2012
    • M. Al-Fares, et al, "Hedera: Dynamic Flow Scheduling for Data Center Networks", NSDI, 2010

    14/03 Data Center II

    • J. Rasley et al, "Planck: Millisecond-scale Monitoring and Control for Commodity Networks", Sigcomm, 2014
    • S. Jain et al, "B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WAN", Sigcomm 2013

    21/03 Assignment 2 Results 

    21/03 Assignment 3 Assignment 3  Due 18/04

    28/03 Spring Break (No Class)

    04/04 Network Virtualization

    • S. Guenender, et al, "NoEncap: Overlay Network Virtualization with no Encapsulation Overheads", SOSR,  2015. 
    • R. Sherwood, et al, "Can the production network be the testbed", OSDI, 2010 

        04/04 5G and SDN

        • P. Agyapong, M. Iwamura, D. Staehle, W. Kiess, and A. Benjebbour, "Design considerations for a 5G network architecture," Communications Magazine, IEEE, vol. 52, pp. 65-75, 2014.
        • M. Agiwal, A. Roy, and N. Saxena, ‘‘Next generation 5G wireless networks: A comprehensive survey,’’ IEEE Commun. Surveys Tut.. vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 1617–1655, 3rd Quart., 2016


        11/04 Cloud Infrastructure I

        • A. Singla, C. Hong, L. Popa, P. Godfrey, "Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers Randomly", NSDI, 2012. 
        • M. Alizadeh, A. Kabbani, T. Edsall, B. Prabhakar, et. al., "Less is More: Trading a little Bandwidth for Ultra-Low Latency in Data Center", NSDI, 2012. 

        11/04 Cloud Infrastructure II

        • L. Popa, G. Kumar, M. Chowdhury, et. al.,"FairCloud: Sharing the Network in Cloud Computing", SigComm, 2012. 
        • P. Patel, D. Bansal, L. Yuan, A. Murthy, et. al., "Ananta: Cloud Scale Load Balancing", Sigcomm, 2013. 

        18/04 Assignment 3 Results

        25/04 Cloud Efficiency

        • H. Ballani, P. Costa, et. al., Towards Predictable Datacenter Networks", ACM SigComm, 2011. 

        25/04 SDN Source Routing and Resilience 

        • S. Vissicchio et al, "Central Control over Distributed Routing", SigComm, 2015
        • P. Bodik, I. Menache, et. al., "Surviving Failures in Bandwidth-Constrained Datacenters", ACM SigComm, 2012 

        25/04 Project Proposal Potential Projects

        02/05 Cloud Routing I

        • A. Greenberg, J. Hamilton, et. al., "VL2: A Scalable and Flexible Data Center Network", ACM SigComm, 2009.
        • R. Mysore, A. Pamboris, et al, "PortLand: A Scalable Fault-Tolerant Layer 2 Data Center Network Fabric, ACM SigComm, 2009. 

        02/05 Cloud Routing II

        • C. Wilson, H. Ballani, et. al., "Better Never Late: Meeting Deadlines in Datacenter Networks", ACM SigComm, 2011
        • C. Raiciu, S. Barre, et. al., "Improving Datacenter Performance and Robustness with Multiple TCP", ACM SigComm, 2009

        09/05 Optical Cloud I

        • N. Hamedazimi, Z. ayyub, et al, "FireFly: A Reconfigurable Wireless Datacenter Fabric using Free-Space Optics", SigComm 2014. 
        • K. Chen et al. "OSA: An optical switching architecture for data center networks with unprecedented flexibility", IEEE/ACM ToN, 2012.

        09/05 Optical Cloud II

        • M. Channegowda, et al "Software-Defined Optical Networks Technology and Infrastructure: Enabling Software-Defined Optical Network Operations [Invited]", IEEE/OSA JOCN, 2013 
        • X. Zhou et al. Mirror on the ceiling: Flexible wireless links for datacenters. In ACM SigComm, 2012 


        16/05 SDN Vision


        • Software-Defined Networking: Why We Like It and How We Are Building On It, CISCO white paper. 
        • Cisco describes its SDN vision: A Q&A with Soni Jiandani 

        16/05 Final Project Results