Leveraging Non-Terrestrial Platforms

None-Terrestrial Networks


As the research community has recently embarked on the 6G as an enabler for achieving higher data rates and better quality of service, an important new feature is resilient and ubiquitous network access in use-cases that are currently not provided by 5G. First, access on-demand: ships in the ocean, expeditions in harsh environments, and festivals in the field require network access only during the concerned activities. Second, emergency communications: the network resilience is seriously threatened by unexpected incidents. In these cases, fast-deployable solutions are crucial for providing emergency coverage. Finally, traffic off-loading: the network is only designed to accommodate standard traffic. However, the traffic fluctuates with time and location, and it may exceed the designed capacity. Therefore, flexible off-loading is required to provide a temporary bandwidth support. Non-Terrestrial systems provide a promising solution to these use-cases. We plan to develop new approaches for the optimal leverage of the non-terrestrial network-on-demand.




  • KAUST Research Funds.
  • “Modelling and Optimization of a Drone-based 5G network”. Funded through NEOM by $533,000 

Team Members

  • Prof. Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Electrical & Computer Engineering, KAUST, KSA
  • Dr. Osama Amin, Electrical & Computer Engineering, KAUST, KSA
  • Weim Abderrahim, Electrical & Computer Engineering, KAUST, KSA

Selected Publications

  • W. Abderrahim, O. Amin, and B. Shihada, "How to Leverage High Altitude Platforms in Green Computing?", IEEE Communication Magazine, Accepted, 2023  PDF]
  • W. Abderrahim, O. Amin, M.-S. Alouini, and B. Shihada, "Proactive Traffic Offloading  in Dynamic Integrated Multi-Satellite Terrestrial Networks", IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol. 70, No. 7, pp. 4671-4686, 2022. [PDF]
  • W. Abderrahim, O. Amin, B. Shihada, and M.-S. Alouini, "Latency-Aware Offloading in Integrated Satellite Terrestrial Networks", IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 490-500, 2020. [PDF]

Software Packages